I was born a long time ago. Back in 1948 (which makes me now. . . what? . . 39, right?) I didn’t cause any trouble growing up because I had my face in all the books I could find at home. Then later, when I got in school, I did the same with all those books. It was elation and awfulness at the same time. I loved everything I read, but I was so solitary I hardly made any friends. It seemed people just didn’t understand me. But how could they? I wasn’t social enough to let them.

I daydreamed a lot. Especially in class because the nuns (I attended a Catholic elementary school), being the caring people they were, did their best to get all the students up to par because some of the students didn’t always have their homework done. While the nuns were busy with them, I stared out the windows and daydreamed about my stories.

I started writing stories when I was in the 3rd grade. I could have started earlier than that, but I didn’t realize I could. I thought books were something some other mysterious person wrote to pass around the world. But when I found out I could write some, I went crazy with it.

I started out writing about animals. But then I discovered I love science fiction, fantasy and romance stories. I changed my writing to those genres and went crazy again. My stories were short, for the most part, but then I tried my hand at novels. But I couldn’t finish any of them because I would run across something that would come up I didn’t understand and so I had to quit. Start another story. You might think I was not very smart, and I can’t swear I was back then, because I didn’t realize I could do research on the things I didn’t understand and so would be able to finish my stories. I didn’t get into research until I was nearly grown up.

You see, I never talked about anything I was doing. Not with anyone. That was because when I tried to talk to anyone, grown-ups, that is, about any other thing I was wanting to know about, I got set aside because someone else would come up and demand that person’s attention in a more aggressive manner. So I got the notion that no one was interested in what I wanted. I had to figure it all out on my own.

That was the way it was for most of my life. Growing up, that is. I was the oldest of 6 kids. It was on my shoulders to help Mom with the others. So I did. Silently, for the most part. Did everything she asked me to do. And wrote my stories when I had the time. So I pretty much led a solitary life.

Now I didn’t write that to get you to feel sorry for me. I don’t need you to. If I was still a child I would want you to, but I’m not and have done very well with all that. Actually, I did well with it back then, too. Writing is not a social event, so I was well content to be by myself. Trouble with that, though, is I never got to know people very well and so had, and still have, trouble understanding what people want. But I’m getting better with that.

My first completed novel is my ‘Warlords of Gen’ book. I have it published over at Amazon’s Kindle services. It took me 3 years to write it and get it edited. I did all that myself. By then I had learned how, reading so many books on the topic, and so went ahead and did it. I didn’t have the money to hire anyone else to do that for me. Edit it, that is. So I had to do it myself. I have learned a lot about editing. Not nearly what I really need to know, but I can get by.

I didn’t try to find a publisher for the book because I didn’t think it was good enough for that. I just wanted to see if I could finally get a full novel written. That was back in the 1970s. I wrote it in scenes, all separate, then when I had all of them finished, I laid them all out on the kitchen table and arranged them as I thought they should be. I had a load of fun doing that.

But then I got married and so my writing career was put on hold.

I got divorced 13 ½ years later, for reasons unrelated to writing, and so was able to get back into my cherished career. And I started feeling better. My passion. That became my motto: 
                                                  NO PASSION, NO PEACE
I was in love with writing again.

It was then I decided to write under the name A K Stein, or Kathryn Stein for my Regency Romance novels. This was in honor of my great grandmother on my dad’s side. His mom’s mom. I was named for her. She was a nice lady. She died when I was around 10-11 years old.

Since then, I have written 1 non fiction book: ‘Interview With The Ascended Masters’, 4 Regency Romance novels, 10 paranormal romances, and 4 children’s books, along with my 1 science fiction book. I have them published over on Amazon’s Kindle services.

I self publish because I heard how hard it is to get an agent, and most publishing houses want you to have an agent. So I just went to self publishing. I started doing that when self publishing was still frowned upon, but now it’s getting to be the norm. Not such a bad thing to do anymore. I like being self published. But I have a children’s picture book I would love to get published through a regular publishing house. It’s an environmental picture book. I’m looking for a publishing house that will let me email it to them. I have it all set up to do that.

I’m still writing. I have so many stories outlined my life will never be boring. I have them all filed away, get them out every so often, when I’ve finished a story, and get to writing again. I love it.

I’ll get some more written on here when I get some more events to happen. Until then, Happy Years to all of you.


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