144 page paranormal romance.

A 75,047 word fantasy novel.

Myoc, king of all shifters, still grieves for his queen. Elarat. His beautiful Ela. His enemy killed her 3 years ago, but he cannot let go.

Ella and her cousin Jade got kidnaped by some henchmen sent by a warlock named Jorn. Turned out he was the enemy of Myoc. Ella had no idea who Myoc was, but she got sent to him to tell him Jorn will release the other woman if Myoc will release 'the passage'.


Ella has no idea if she will succeed. Has no idea what 'the passage' is. But her adventures began when she met the lion shifter Leot and the huge white seer dragon Kylor. Kylor has a crystal ball that can answer present time questions and can tell who will be mates. It actually makes people mated to each other. It made Jade mated to Myoc's son Turoc. But who will it mate to Ella? There are only two men left in the room and Kylor wants to find out if one of them will be her mate. But which one? Myoc or Leot? And how will this kind of mating turn out? Ella and Jade barely know these people? How can they possibly know how it will all turn out?

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