198 page scifi story.

A 111,270 word opus.

Poor Lord Garth. All he wanted to do was help his people take over and claim a world for themselves so they could have a place to live. Why should he care how it got done? But this damnable young woman from Earth is getting in his way.

Ambur Lousie Dean could not believe she had been captured by a huge warship, not of Earth's, when all she was supposed to do was take experiment samples back and forth from Earth to Alpha Centauri. But now she's caught up in the battle between two warring factions who want a certain planet. How will she get out of this? And how, when she is the prisoner of this arrogant Lord Garth, is she going to preserve her life?

As a result of one battle, Ambur and Lord Garth end up alone on her small spaceship for their trip back to safety. But along the way, will Ambur be able to convince Lord Garth that what his people are doing is wrong? And why in all that's wonderful, does he think he's a villain when all he's been to her was decent and considerate since they've been on her ship? And will he in the end be convinced she is the only woman for him?

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